I kind of didn't want to post photos of the rest of the apartment, or of my room for that matter, until everything has been settled and received its proper make-over so that I could do some nice before/after collages.  But really, I don't have the patience for that, especially since my roommates still haven't moved in yet!  So here's a little mini apartment tour:

The largest bedroom, currently storing some of my stuff/subletters' stuff as I am still organizing.
The bathroom.  Still need to replace those moldy shower curtains and bleach the blue out of the bathtub, but I'm going to save that for later today.  But I did put up a window curtain, which the bathroom has been sorely missing for the past 2 years.  (My room is between the largest bedroom and the bathroom)
The third bedroom.
The fourth bedroom, currently storing more stuff, to be made into a breakfast/tea room :)
The living room, which needs a good cleaning still, in addition to getting rid of some of the stuff that's there (the pile in the lefthand corner, the fridge, the stuff on the couch and chair, the white chair and cushion).  Also need to figure out a solution to that glaring white paint mark on the wall...
And the kitchen, which still needs a bit more organizing.  Also, still trying to figure out a way to not have this fridge block half the entranceway.
So, a la Joyce's Finnegans Wake, this is really a work in progress right now.  Unfortunately, I don't have too much time before now and Friday (when I head down to Baltimore for the weekend) to complete any large projects (a headboard, finishing the curtains), so those will have to wait til next week.

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  1. Holy crap I didn't realize how insane the barn was! Those paint colors are wild. It makes my diy makeover-happy good-before-and-after-loving heart race.

    Solution for the pink paint touch up: if you take that shelf down and bring it to Home Depot or Lowes or probably most hardware stores nowadays, they'll be able to color-match it. This is a hideous recommendation, but to my knowledge, Wal-mart is the only place in the world that will mix and sell you a pint of paint, which costs about $6. Anywhere else and you'll probably be suckered into a quart. Might want to call ahead though, maybe HD does pints too.

    Or if you REALLY want to DIY it, you could always buy acrylic paint from a craft store and try matching it yourself with some careful mixing. As long as you don't use oil paint, acrylic and latex should mix just fine (although it might be shinier or more matte than the walls).