or maybe just my apartment-mate's mom?
Thanks to her, we were gifted "glass of milk" off-white for the trim, and "morning fog" light blue/gray/green(at some points of the day) for our living room.  I spent the better part of this past weekend mercilessly priming and then covering up that neon green and magenta that once was.  Being thorough was pretty darn hard with colors that bright, and it would be a dream to repaint the ceiling, but I think we should count our blessings at this point.
Look! You can actually see our lovely bay window now!
It was one of my apartment-mate's (barn-mate?) birthday on Monday, and also the first day of classes here at Swarthmore.  But since I currently feel more like a housewife than a student, I've been baking around the clock.  For her, I made mini heart-shaped chocolate molten lava cakes, and this "fairy cake" with the remaining batter.  For my other friend's birthday yesterday, I made some dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla-lime frosting with coconut shavings on top.  Finally got some use out of those limes that were sure to grow mold soon in our fridge.
Oh, and my computer is fully (I hope) recovered from another crash earlier this week--just what I needed to start the semester off right.

Next project: painting the dining table chairs, under the bay window bench, and maybe some coffee table/low bookshelf that's currently in our 4th empty bedroom/hoarder's room.  And the hallway!  We still have 2 more gallons of "glass of milk".