...but at least my kitchen looks nicer, or so I think.

Last night after the Crystal Castles/Rusko/Sinden show, I couldn't sleep at all.  In my middle of the night internet browsing, I came across Apartment Therapy's post on cupboards without doors.  It was 3AM but all I could think about was taking off the doors to my cupboards.  So after doing that, and some more cleaning and moving and organizing (all of those words make me feel like sighing by now), it was 6:30AM.  Hmmmm....sleep?
But still, those cupboards--better, but not great.  They were in need of a paint job.

See the difference?  The top picture already has the bottom left side painted.

And now with dishes.  I'm not sure if I want to only have all white/off-white dishes, or if I prefer the small splashes of color yet.  I'll give it a few days.  But really, I do love the openness of this.  It's sort of the same approach that I'm taking to having a neat and tidy wardrobe by foregoing the closet--things have nowhere to hide.  Also, don't you always hate it when you can't figure out which door contains which things, and when you're cooking/using a lot of dishes and you have to keep opening and reopening the doors?  Done and done.
Simultaneously, I was also trying to take care of that annoying white mark on the hot pink living room walls.  I found some "magenta" paint in the closet, that only turned out closer to a Shining-red-rum-red than anything else.  Plan B: mixing that paint with a pint of lavender paint that I knew I would never use again.  Too bad I didn't think to only use some of the red and some of the lavender, and then add a whole bunch of white paint, instead of the half and half combination that I did, because it probably would've turned out a lot lighter (and nicer) than this color.  So our living room kind of looks like the kids section of Ikea now, but that is a fine temporary change from that white spot that was driving me crazy.  Yeah I know I did a terrible paint job, I can live with it.
As a reward for all this madness (I've also been eating fudge around the clock...), I bought myself the Twin Peaks gold box set at last.  True love.
I'm off to Baltimore for the weekend tomorrow.  When I return: dealing with those hideous doors in my room.

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  1. Get yourself to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy some paint. I think they have OOPS paint, which is mistake paint. the colors didn't come out exactly as the customer wanted. They are usually cheap. Also, the Habitat for Humanity Restores might have paint that was donated, that is cheap. Those walls are going to drive you all insane. Have a painting party. Good luck. Ann