Oh my god, where do I begin.
Wallpapering is about a thousand times harder than I thought it would be.  I googled "how to put up pre-pasted wallpaper" a couple of weeks ago and found elaborate tips and instructions for the task.  Special tables for soaking the paper, priming the walls, etc. etc., i.e. stuff I don't have time for.  But gosh, I did not realize that it would actually be hard to do, after all, the primary age group I associate with wallpaper is the 60+ crowd.

Problem one was soaking the paper.  When the instructions say to SOAK the paper, they really mean it.  At first I thought it would be ok to apply water with a brush or paint roller.  Wrong.  Problem two was being too short and not having a tall enough chair, so that I had to strain to reach the top.  Problem three was not having a proper smoothing tool.  I quickly realized my metal paint scraper would tear the paper, especially because of problem four, the much loved, but uneven last paint job.  Picture evidence of all of this tomorrow.

I don't really know what to do at this point, except to trim what I've put up so far, and patch up the parts that simply WOULD NOT adhere at the top.  And then finish the rest of the wall.  Maybe I'll feel differently tomorrow, but god I am not looking forward to it.  And as for the other 3, I am sticking with the idea of making this a "wallpaper accent wall".

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  1. Have you considered abandoning the pre-pasted part of the paper and just using that roll-on wallpaper paste you can buy at the hardware store instead? I know NOTHING about wallpapering, but I feel like that could work?

    Also, credit cards as a smoother? Or a shower squeegee you could probably find at a dollar store or something.