Well, not exactly.  More like multi-tasking 123123085 things at once.  Including trying to keep my room clean enough to paint and finish wallpapering while having to move in all of my stuff.  Luckily, most of it will be contained in the semi-empty room next to mine for now.

I woke up at 7AM this morning and had a burning desire to...paint while it was still cool out.  In a closet I found several cans of paint.  There was less than half a can of the neon green currently on the walls, so I decided to mix it with another half can of baby blue paint.  The resulting color is a lot more green than I anticipated, but you can definitely see the difference:
See that wallpaper?  Terrible job. 
There's one important thing (of many) missing right now though: a bed!  I have a mattress on the way in the mail, but it won't get here til Tuesday at the earliest...luckily sleeping on a couch on campus is always an option.

I realized that the random boxspring in our apartment right now works with my futon mattress that I used all last semester, so I will be promptly returning my "mattress-in-a-box" as soon as it gets here--too bad, I was sort of looking forward to how those things work.  I really need to do something about the boxspring though--it is looking all sorts of dowdy.  After I catch a breath, and maybe buy myself a cupcake (or five) from Brown Betty's as a reward a tomorrow, I'll brave Home Depot again and buy a nail gun and set to work on upholstering.

The other problem with the boxspring was that there was about a 3-inch gap between the wall and the base, because a pipe in the corner.  It seemed to weird to leave that space there, so I thought I'd used the cheap wooden Ikea bed slats that were constantly getting in my way today while getting stuff from our utilities closet.
So I tried to make my sleeping area as livable as possible for the night...I don't think I can do much more for now, but I have a long weekend ahead of me of finishing my semi-botched wallpapering job (I realized that even if there is more overlap, cutting small panels is wayyyyy easier than trying to do floor to ceiling ones), finishing my curtains so that they match and are completed, replacing the desk that is currently in the room, and probably a zillion other things that I can't really wrap my mind around right now.  Good night! 

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  1. Nice work on the ruffled curtains! It's so insane that somebody put in the effort to paint that color on the walls, but I'm sure you'll make it super cute again!