Ok, I had to use that pun because my friend Nick used it all the time while we were in Copenhagen and since he just got back to the states a couple of days ago, it just seems so darn appropriate.

So I had a small list of things that I knew that I wanted: a desk, wooden hangers, and maybe sheets if there were any that caught my eye.  I ended up leaving with exactly what I came there for, and I was already sitting in my car when I realized that I wanted a tall slim glass to hold pens on my table.  Going back inside, I realized all the ones I liked came in packs of 6, so I decided to just leave, which of course took forever because it is seriously a labyrinth in there.  Before I made my way to the exit, though, I happened across the clearance section.

An Ikea clearance section.  What?  How come no one ever told me about this?
Outside the section entrance there were also a ton of boards, and I decided I might as well get one here since they seemed roughly the size of headboards and were wayyy cheaper and seemingly better quality than Home Depot (.99 cents per 4.5 foot wide boards of varying lengths).  So I picked one out that was a good size, and put it aside while I explored the clearance section.

Ummm, where else could you find headboards priced between 2.99-4.99?  There was actually one that screwed on to a bed frame and was pretty nice, but it was definitely for a king sized bed.  I decided on a beveled one for 2.99--the swedest deal, indeed.
So now I just have to decide what color to upholster it with.  I am leaning towards a darkish gray linen, but I still have fantasies about draping everything in my room in blue velvet, for perhaps obvious reasons...

Here's my current desk setup.  A full view later when I actually organize my bookshelf and maybe re-upholster the current beige-tan tweed material that my chair's covered in right now.
And the "closet", which is still pretty disorganized.  I still am working on paring down what I have, and I also need to pick up two more sets of wooden hangers (hence the ugly non-matching white ones) when I go back to Ikea for kitchen/bathroom related things.


  1. your room looks amazing. save some shit for me.

  2. DAMN GOOD WORK on the headboard, a swede deal indeed! Also, your desktop setup is adorable. That typewriter is the cutest. Can you use it? I have a cute manual Smith Corona that I'd love to use, but I can't figure out how to buy ribbons anywhere!

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGkalRgGMhs