Sometime after watching Just Like Heaven last night (for the second time, admittedly), I got this idea that I didn't like the color of my current desk chair.  It was this beige-yellow herringbone tweed, and although I usually love things in that color palette, this just wasn't working for me.  I thought about how I would reupholster it, but that seemed hard given that I like the material/texture anyways.  But I realized I had some packets of idye lying around, and decided to test one out.  How does one dye a chair without removable cushions though?
In the bathtub.  Especially since our bathroom isn't particularly clean right now and everything needs a good scrub down of bleach.  So I just filled the bathtub, dropped the idye in, and dunked that whole thing in there.
But I forgot to put on gloves first, oops.  In the words of Tobias F√ľnke, I'm afraid I just blue myself.
And here it is!  Still drying though...but it's safe to be out of the bathtub now that it's not dripping anymore.  The lighting is a little weird here, but I am pretty satisfied with how the color looks in real life.
Of course, since I had a whole bathtub full of dye, I wanted to not waste the opportunity and scrambled around looking for things I wanted to dye blue.  Not very many things apparently--if only I had white sheets because I definitely would've dyed them.


  1. Girl, you is damn crazy and I love it! This is hilarious for so many reasons (just happened to have blue dye on hand, plopped an entire chair into the tub, dyed random pieces of clothing for good measure), but it looks like it worked out well! And that chair is pretty great, diggin' the brass.

  2. Thats a very determined effort to dye that chair! Funny :)

  3. Be careful! this blue stuff might rub off on your clothes. Also the other things you dyed might bleed in the washing machine. When my kids used to tie dye at camp, they would run to the ocean to dunk the T-shirts in to set the colors. You might want to keep a box of Rit Dye remover on hand. I need it from time to time when one of my husband's T-shirts tints the laundry another color.